ALMA MATER revealed the song “Pain” feat. G. McManus (KOROZY)

Today, September 26, 2021, the ALMA MATER project presented its song “Pain” with the participation of G. McManus. The choice of the date is not accidental, because this is the birthday of the frontman of KOROZY, who passed away this summer.

“The idea for this project came in the summer of 2000, when we (me and Gani) drank beers and hung out on the beach in Burgas. First, the intention was to play and compose in the traditional way of Black Metal. Some time later, when Gani came to visit me in Stara Zagora, we start working on that song,together with Arcanus Paragon and Mephisto Diabolis, both from DEMONISM. When I met Gani on the station, he has already that chorus in his head “Pain,pain… deep in my heart”, something like that, he sang it under his breath as we walked. Two days of rehearsals, beers, vodka, fun and like a joke, we booked a local studio to record the song in just few hours in the afternoon. The rest is here – ALMA MATER and the song “Pain”, and it hurts as I write these lines… So,have a blast my friend,wherever you are – this is our tribute to you!Til we meet again!” – says Lord Hades (Jordan “Dakata” Jordanov) with the behalf of DEMONISM!

Alma Mater
Alma Mater

G. McManus – vocals, guitars
Lord Hades – guitars
Arcanus Paragon – bass
Mephisto Diabolis – drums

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