NIGHTWISH and Glenn Hughes will headline the Varna Mega Rock Festival in August!

The Metal Mayor – Tsonko Tsonev, announced details of the forthcoming Varna Mega Rock Festival that will take place on 18 and 19 August 2018 at Port Varna in Varna, Bulgaria.

Glenn Hughes will headline the first festival night on August 18th and will deliver a 90-minute set of DEEP PURPLE music. NIGHTWISH will headline the second night and this will be their only show in South Eastern Europe for the season. One more band from the States and another one from Finland will be announced soon.

Varna Mega Rock

The local bands in the festival line-up are BTR, KROSSFIRE, KIKIMORA, BENDIDA and KONKURENT.

Tickets for both festival days are available worldwide at eTicketsMall at the special price of BGN 70 (EUR 36) until the end of the February. As of March 1st they will cost BGN 90 until July 18th and a month before the festival their price will be BGN 120. Tsonko Tsonev said that the space at Port Varna is limited, so it is highly recommended that fans book their tickets on time if they don’t want to risk missing this festival. Kids under 12 years of age will attend free of charge. Single-day tickets are not foreseen at this stage.

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HIRAX: Video footage from Osaka’s True Thrash Fest 2018

On February 10, the Legendary U.S. Bay Area Thrash Gods, HIRAX, performed at True Thrash Fest Osaka in Japan. The stage-filmed video footage for the songs “Idk”, “Hellion Rising” and “Baptized By Fire” is now available on Youtube, watch the 9 minutes and 31 seconds of Pure Intense Over The Top Thrash Metal, here:

HIRAX is an American Thrash Metal band beginning in 1984 under the leadership of vocalist Katon W. De Pena (founding member). The band was an early example of the Thrash Metal, Speed Metal and Crossover. HIRAX is based in Los Angeles but, at that time, because of the weak Metal scene in their area, they spent most of their time playing in San Francisco along with SLAYER, METALLICA and EXODUS, who were all part of the exciting new Metal emerging from the Bay area. They released a four-song demo in 1984. This demo was widely circulated and the band became known and respected worldwide through the Metal tape trading underground. Since then HIRAX has released 5 full length studio albums and multiple EPs and has toured the world including many festivals in South America, Europe, Japan, Scandinavia, and the U.S.A.



THE 3RD ATTEMPT reveal second part of track by track concept video

It’s been well over two months since THE 3RD ATTEMPT promised that the second instalment of their track-by-track concept video would appear within days of the December release on Dark Essence Records of their second full-length album “Egocidal Path”. The two-part video was intended to give a very personal insight into frontman and lyricist Ødemark’s emotionally charged, and highly personal lyrics, with the first part describing the first four tracks on the album, and the second highlighting the last four tracks.

The 3rd Attempt

The 3rd Attempt

Unfortunately, a series of problems and mishaps caused the second part to be delayed until now, because, as Ødemark explains, “Everything went fucking wrong. It really did. Every single step of the creation of this two-part video was hit by either technical issues, a computer breakdown, lack of time, and of course, the inevitable noob mistake. It could be said that the whole process was a series of disasters, but perhaps that’s why I couldn’t be more proud of the final outcome.

“This has been my first video creation ever, I had a vision and the motivation, and in order to make it happen I began learning all the technical stuff there is to learn about every aspect of video making (animation, recording, lights, editing, post production, encoding etc ..) Add to this the fact that I had 0 Budget, so all the costs came from my already empty pocket. But anyway, if there is no money, it has to be replaced by ingenuity and knowledge, and I wouldn’t let anybody interfere with it or give me a hand. I was set on proving I could do it all myself – and I did!”.

The 3RD ATTEMPT was formed by former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort (GREEN CARNATION) and BloodPervertor (OPUS FORGOTTEN) and, aside from Ødemark on vocals, the band’s lineup is completed by Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE) on drums. “Egocidal Path” is the follow up to the band’s 2015 debut album “Born in Thorns”, and, with it, according to Tchort, the 3RD ATTEMPT took a “huge leap towards the true sound and identity of the band. While our debut album “Born in Thorns” represented the CARPATHIAN FOREST era of our song writing, “Egocidal Path” is a newly written album that is more aggressive, tighter, and in-your-face. It also showcases the fantastic drumming skills of Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE) and the vocal range and creativity of Ødemark

The 3rd Attempt - Egocidal Path

The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path

Ødemark himself explains what he sought to achieve with the two concept videos: “I wanted to give a visual context to our music, and, at the same time, give as much of an insight into the thinking behind the lyrics without it being a written explanation that nobody bothers to read anyway. This lead me to creating what you are now seeing. Yes, I do give a general idea of what each song is about, but I don’t set out to explain the lyrics line by line, I want those who are interested to discover things for themselves.

As regards the visual content, I decided to create a two completely different scenarios. WIth the first video, I wanted to convey the sense of chaos associated with the self-destructive lifestyle aspect of Black & Roll, and to do this I had to adopt a “0 tolerance for political correctness”. So if the mere sight of the naked human body or drugs offends you in any way, if you do not want to see the whole of what life involves without getting “offended”, well, this one is not for you. Life is, what life is, with or without your personal approval. With its hints at decadence and personal corrosion, the first video contains a lot more symbolism. The barbed wire and the pain is real though, and people can decide for themselves what it all means.

For the second Video, I wanted something radically different, I didn’t want people to have to drink twice from the same cup. I needed to create a more realistic scenario as I wanted to depict depression, madness, confusion, mysticism, and make it more personal. I almost went too far with the cutting in the last scene, it all ended up with a pool of blood behind the scenes – too much adrenaline, jeeze!”

The 3rd Attempt

The 3rd Attempt

ANARCHOS with debut album

Morbid Skull Records in league with Blood Harvest Records released ANARCHOS’ highly anticipated debut full length, “Invocation of Moribund Spirits”. The band features current and past members from the bands like ETERNAL SOLSTICE, BURNING HATRED, ULCERATE FESTER, SATANIC TYRANT, and PROFLIGATE.

ANARCHOS was born in 2010 when Vincent joined forces with Ardy and Martin to create raw and obscure Death Metal. In the rehearsal room, it turned out that the skills of the three individuals combined perfectly. The first music was written and the band was completed during the winter of 2011/2012 with Thorsten on bass and Harold on vocals.



The written songs were eternalized in one recording session of a rehearsal in the spring of 2012. This demo was raw and brutal, but did not contain the quality to release it on a true format. Nevertheless, ANARCHOS wanted to engulf the world with their music, so they published the demo only digitally.

After the winter of 2013, there was a change in the ANARCHOS lineup, with Harold being replaced by Frank on vocals. With this lineup, it was time to enter the studio and record proper material. Five songs were recorded at the Dirty Bird Studios for an EP release. The resulting “Descent Into The Maelström” was released upon the world by Vic Records in February 2014 on MCD and by Murder Records in May 2014 on tape. During the spring of 2015, Thorsten left.

Anarchos - Invocation of Moribund Spirits

Anarchos – Invocation of Moribund Spirits

Through the years 2016 and 2017, recordings for ANARCHOS‘ first full-length were made. “Invocation Of Moribund Spirits” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Dirty Bird Studios by Fredde Kaddeth (MASSIVE ASSAULT, ENTRAPMENT, BURNING HATRED). This is an ominous, grotesque sounding album, upholding the values of both putrid old school and present-day dark atmospheric death metal music. With nine death-dealing tracks, the album stands as an unstoppable source to supply horror and torment.

CORROSIVE: Watch the lyric video for “Lucifer Gave The Faith”

German Death Metallers CORROSIVE start 2018 with their brand new lyric video for the track “Lucifer Gave The Faith”, the title-track of the band’s latest effort released last December via MDD Records.

“Lucifer Gave The Faith” is first-class Death Metal, featuring influences from both Scandinavian and American style with a dash of melody and brutality. In addition, the work for the official videoclip of the song “Taste The Pain” is nearly finished, with its release scheduled for the upcoming weeks.



Slovenian experimental Black Metal duo SNØGG debuts new EP

Slovenian duo SNØGG offers unsettling and truly violent experimental Black Metal. Their EP “Abeloth”, is based on a Star Wars legend and later mixed with the dark poetry of Georg Trakl, is a result of total improvisation.

Formed in the late 2013, Slovenian Black Metal duo SNØGG is an experimental journey through the mind of the darkest and most powerful entity in the universe. They have offered a demo and three EPs till now. Injecting different forms of dark, extreme and unusual elements into the music, they categorize their genre as “Freeride Black Metal”. Each of their releases was followed by a supporting Eastern European tour (Abeloth EP tour coming up in March 2018). Aside these tours, the band had played a couple of weekend shows in Germany and Netherlands, and almost 20 shows in Slovenia. SNØGG’s aesthetic live shows and records both feature guest members who partake in experimentation and improvisation on stage. According to the band members, every show of SNØGG differs from each other, and thus not even two shows of the band can be categorized as same.

Snøgg - Abeloth

Snøgg – Abeloth

The concept of “Abeloth” was originally based on a Star Wars legend and later mixed with the dark poetry of Georg Trakl, that was unmissable on all of the extended line-up performances of SNØGG in the last year. Abeloth is one of the most powerful dark beings in the universe and lyrics represent weird and twisted perspective of her view of the world spoken through Trakl’s mouth. They come in three languages: Slovenian, German and English, as Abeloth is also known for the ability of being many people at once. With unorthodox and captivating composition style, the dissonant, harrowing sounding tracks gradually keep changing their form in dramatic ways, and thus create a permanent spot in the ear of the listeners.

Creation & Recording of “Abeloth”

“Abeloth” is a conceptual and experimental album, an improvisational piece with four movements, that was prepared for and firstly performed at Brno Noisefest in October 2016, and repeated in Ljubljana in the same month and later in Maribor in November 2016. Originally, it was performed without drums as Mørke was unavailable for the show in Brno, but it was the first performance of SNØGG that included more than three people on the stage. Aninø Üfo Letherbee, a renowned classical orchestral and solo violinist joined Ulv (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Køzhl (bass) and Neo-Cymex formerly known as Ampulex Dementor (noisescapes, special fx) for the experiment. On the second and third performances, Mørke returned and Azbuka (noise, field recordings) joined the team. As expected, each edition of “Abeloth” sounded different and after November, the band never played the whole song again, rather played some kind of derivatives of the song, little pieces or a song with no name, unofficially called “Abeloth 2”. Vrag (vocals) also joined in on many of those implementations.



In May 2017, the team went to studio to record the tracks for the EP. It was done the same way as the concerts, a total improvisation. The latest addition to the roster was Zeench, who recorded guitar solos for The Servant – The Mother, and after months of editing and mixing, “Abeloth” EP was born.

1.The Servant – The Mother
2.Beloved Queen of the Stars
3.Bringer of Chaos

Length: 29:43

Ulv – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Rituals,
Mørke – Drums, Spells

Additional Musicians:
Anino Üfø Letherbee – Violin
Køzhl – Bass
Vråg – Vocals
Azbuka – Noise, Field recordings
Neo-Cymex formerly known as Ampulex Dementor – Narration
Zeench – Guitar Solo

BESTIALORD revealed the album “Law of the Burning”

Doom Death trio BESTIALORD features current and ex member(s) of MANILLA ROAD and SANCTUS INFERNUM. Their H.P. Lovecraft and Horror Movie inspired debut album “Law of the Burning” is out now jointly via Symbol of Domination Prod. (Russia) and Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA).

Bestialord - Law of the Burning

Bestialord – Law of the Burning

BESTIALORD was formed in Wichita, Kansas by Mark Anderson (MANILLA ROAD, SANCTUS INFERNUM) and Chris Johnson (SANCTUS INFERNUM) in October 2016. Rob Harris was soon added on bass and after several months of writing the band entered Red Cat Recording Studio in early 2017, ultimately emerging with their debut album “Law of the Burning”. Their style of Occult Horror Doom is inspired by a blend of influences including BLACK SABBATH, CELTIC FROST, CANDLEMASS, MORBID ANGEL, CATHEDRAL and MERCYFUL FATE just to name a few.

“Law of the Burning”, the debut album, offers nine menacing tracks shrouded in darkness and Lovecraftian atmosphere. Bluesy solos and thick dreadful riff structures authenticate its doom foundation, whereas the spirited vocal, incorporating the ghoulish energy of David Vincent and ancient caveman like tone of Lee Dorrian at the same time, acts as the harbinger of ghastly Death Metal atmosphere.



Mark Anderson – Vocals & Guitar
Rob Harris – Bass
Chris Johnson – Drums

Artwork by Erskine Designs

01. The Doom That Came
02. Vermin
03. All Fall Down
04. Law Of The Burning
05. Marduk Kurios
06. I Am Pain
07. Loathed Be Thy Name
08. Above The Vaulted Sky
09. What Is The End