Daniela Shumway about Winter Time photosession

Daniela Shumway, is the one of the youngest, most beautiful and intelligent goths in Bulgarian Gothic society. The second two qualities had proven to us at The Other Side and now in Forlorn.

Although she is only 22 years old, Daniela has a wide range of Gothic photos, organizations and initiatives that make her a very attractive personality for Bulgarian Gothic and Metal culture. The words “Gothic and Metal” are predestined for her life.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

Hello, Daniela. We can not ask you: After such a long absence from you, you decided to continue to work with charities and self-initiatives. What happened to you?

First of all, I want to thank you very much for inviting me to participate again in your interview.
I like you very much. During this long year, I have not stopped checking your metal web and I am admired. I like your work very much and I wish you continue posting interviews, articles, news, and etc.
Thank you very much for the good words. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to combine work and hobbies.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

Do you manage to strike a balance between work and private life, and is it sometimes that one overcomes the other?

Yes.It happens because of my complicated sleep regime and my unusual working hours. But what I am trying to do everything possible to achieve a balance between the both.

Do you have free time that’s it personal to you and how do you spend it?

No. I invest everything in organizations, photos and development of Gothic culture in Bulgaria. This is my free time. I feel internally satisfied.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

Do you want to have more time?

Yes. I want to have more free time to relax and travel abroad.

Is there a recipe for how a woman’s time is enough for everything?

Yes of course. It all depends on the priorities. Mine its photos and organizations.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

What do you working?

Generally. I work in the banking sphere.

Are you looking for another development, i mean yours personally?

I constantly seek personal development. I plan a lot of projects in 2019. I intend to continue writing about the abandoned places in Bulgaria and taking initiatives.

What inspired you to make this photo shoot?

The time is a winter Story. I do not like winter because of other factors but the landscape is wonderful.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

Daniela, from where do you come this self-initiative to do so much things?

There are so many abandoned places in Bulgaria, forsaken and neglected, and no one can take care of. A typical example “The Strawberry House”
The country took note of the public interest and issued a formal opinion on the subject. For which I thank the Ministry of Culture and everyone who has signed the petition.
I want to thank you about your wonderful arcticle “Keep the Strawberry House” which you published in The Other Side in May 2017

Some time ago, we asked you, what happens if you fail the project “Keep the Strawberry House”? We now want to thank you and the people behind you and congratulate you on your success.

Thank you, The Other Side. Success is not just mine, it’s all the wonderful people and organizations that have struggled with us to protect this beautiful building from demolition.

Daniela Shumway

Daniela Shumway

What can we expect from you as projects in the near future?

Well, I’m just thinking about making a trip to the countryside and showing some landmarks that crash. Abandoned places and write about them. I’m preparing a big project for the airports in Bulgaria, the “Bath in Ovcha Kupel” and many others.

Jonas from PUTERAEON: World of insanity and the fear of the unknown, ruled by the old gods

Swedish Death Metal band PUTERAEON released their new album, named “The Dunwich Damnation”, on April 16, 2018. Jonas (guitars/vocals) answer to the questions of Mrazek.

Hail! Introduce yourself in depth…

– Hi! Jonas from PUTERAEON answering your questions. We are a Death Metal band from Sweden. We’ve been around a couple of years now and have released a couple of demos albums, splits and EPs.

What are the news from PUTERAEON?

– The latest news is that we are about to release a 5 song EP called “The Dunwich Damnation”. We will release it digital on the 16th of April and a little later it will be released on vinyl through Growls From The Underground. Same label that released our previous EP “The Empires of Death”.



I am listening “The Dunwich Damnation”… It’s amazing! Tell me more about this edition.

– I think it’s a natural development since our last EP “The Empires of Death” wich was released last year on HP Lovecrafts 80th death day. This EP contains as i said 5 songs, very Lovecraft inspired horror and competent oldschool death metal. We’ve worked alot with the material and i think it together with the last EP is our best work so far. In a way, the last EP was a taste of things to come. This one is more diverse than “Empires”. I think the songs are really strong on “The Dunwich Damnation” and it’s packed with the energy we deliver live.

Where and how it was recorded?

– It was recorded in studio Hatecraft with Daniel Vandija behind the knobs. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at unisound. And it sounds really fuckin good.

Tell me more about your lyrics in it? Concept? Who is their writer? H.P. Lovecraft?

– I write all the lyrics and they are heavily inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft. They deal with topics like insanity and the fear of the unknown. Engulfed with by the old gods.

Let’s return deeper in the past: PUTERAEON – what is the story behind that name?

– When i started the band i wanted to have a name that was not already taken. “Puteraeon” means something like “Rotten aeon” or as we joke “forever rotten”. It’s a statement to ourselves to never change drastically, to always deliver music that has this special touch and feeling. It’s meant to be that way, and it is also a promise to the listener, that we will evolve, but we will never let go of the rotten nerve that penetrates our music.

How do you describe the music style of the band? What kind of Death Metal?

– Our influences stretch from bands like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, DEATH, PESTILENCE, AUTOPSY to that oldschool 60’s, 70’s and 80’s horror movie soundtrack, but there are also some Thrash here and there. The influences has always been the same throughout the years.

You play more in “Florida style”, not in “Swedish manner of Death Metal”, but what is your opinion about these antagonisms?

– Many people would call us and have been calling us Swedish Death Metal. I guess that is correct since we are from Sweden. But as i said in the earlier question, our influences are from around the globe. Obviously Florida has spawned lots of good Death Metal bands, but we don’t really care where the bands come from. If it’s good it’s good. I think we mix it up pretty good with the influences. The goal is to deliver good songs and i don’t think that much about if it sounds Swedish or not.

Puteraeon - The Dunwich Damnation

Puteraeon – The Dunwich Damnation

Are you self released band? What about to find a label?

– We had a label previous. We released 3 albums. But when they were having financial problems and offered us a deal we thought was less good, we talked and decided to release our stuff ourselves. It’s a tricky thing with labels. And even though i think a bigger label might be interested at first we might not be the ideal band to sign. We want to do stuff the way we want, not like someone else perhaps. We are not able to go on longer tours without proper payment etc. That was the main reasons not to get signed after our old labels contract.

What is your vision upon nowadays extreme metal scene? What is the situation in Sweden? Any new bands with young members?

– There are alot of bands. Some good and alot not so good. There’s not much young people in bands nowadays, not like in the 90’s. Back then everybody had a band.

Do you know something about Bulgarian Metal scene?

– Nothing. Can you recommend some bands i need to listen to?

Do you have any invitations to play here, in Bulgaria?

– I think there has been some talk, but i don’t know the status really. Hopefully we can do like a mini tour or something in the future. We would love to do it.

What are your personal plans for the future?

– We have a few gigs booked or in the booking, other plans right now is to release “The Dunwich damnation”, do some videos and promotion for it.

Did I forgot to ask you something?

– I don’t know heheh. Thank you very much for the interview and for showing interest in our band!

Last words? Your message for the readers of The Other Side…

– Thank you for reading this. Check out PUTERAEON on spotify, etc. We have a website www.puteraeon.com, we also have a youtube page with all our videos and a facebook and instagram page. Cheers!


Jonas Lindblood – Vocals/Guitar
Anders Malmström – Drums
Daniel Vandija – Bass
Rune Foss – Guitar/Backup vocals