SERPENTINE CREATION: New 7″ vynil EP and video

Corvus Records released 7″ vynyl EP “Ave Eva” of Bulgarian Black Metal band SERPENTINE CREATION. A-side contains self-titled song in the well known band’s style, B-side contains orchestral version of “Ave Eva”, done by Daemonicreator (CORPUS DIAVOLIS).

Serpentine Creation - Ave Eva

Serpentine Creation – Ave Eva

SERPENTINE CREATION presents new video to the song “Ave Eva”.

Ave Eva. Everything that has beginning has an end too. We are born of sin and will die in vain. Eva is our beginning and the end, or the other way round. Doesn’t matter what way you read the title Ave Eva, you get the same meaning. Mesmerizing string and violent guitar wrangling in chaotic and furious manner, circling above, screaming and drowning in hell’s choir paying tribute to the only Goddess – the first and the last. Eva. Ave.

SERPENTINE CREATION recorded new song, the band prepares new video

Bulgarian Black Metal band SERPENTINE CREATION went back to Sub Zero Studio to record the song “Ave Eva”. They are currently working on their new video under the direction of Val Volegna, who worked with ENTHRALLMENT, EUFOBIA, DREG STARZ, POPPY SEED GRINDER and many more.

Serpentine Creation

Serpentine Creation