The BULGARRITORY new album is will be out in April 2020, it includes songs along with FIN BULGARIA and ZEBRAZEBROZA. Created for the album is a single dedicated to the movie “Time of Violence” (“Време разделно”). The band is recording too to the new album “Gigama”, a song dedicated to Maximinus Thrax, Roman emperor of Thracian origin.



BULGARRITORY with second album

STOIAN KAEV (FIN BULGARIA/BULGARRITORY) album “Nekade tam” is in the process of being completed and is expected to be released in December. It will be his first solo album for two years now.

Bulgarritory - The Old Witch

Bulgarritory – The Old Witch

It is also expected that recordings on the second album of BULGARRITORY will be launched at that time. The planned album will be titled “The Old Witch”.



STOIAN KAEV with new album

The main driving force behind the FIN BULGARIA band, STOIAN KAEV, announced that he was preparing a new album. He will be his next solo work titled “Nekade tam”. As Stoian himself says: “The title is Latin in order to find it easier in the search engines. There is no specific message in it”.

Stoian Kaev - Nekade tam

Stoian Kaev – Nekade tamv

Up to now, three songs from the upcoming album have been released, which will include at least 14 tracks.

Stoian Kaev

Stoian Kaev

BULGARRITORY with debut album in April

“Sound” is the first album of BULGARRITORY, the second new band of Stoian Kaev. The date of issue is not specified but will be in April. The edition includes 14 songs and has a special theme, some of the songs are dedicated to Roman emperors and generals.

Bulgarritory - Sound

Bulgarritory – Sound


BULGARRITORY is a project of Stoian Kaev и Tzvetelina Stoianova, previously they works together in FIN BULGARIA, in May 2017 they put the foundation of the new band. The first EP, named “Jelezo ot doma”, came two moths later. They have plans to start records for the first long-play album until the end of this year.



Bulgarritory - Jelezo ot doma

Bulgarritory – Jelezo ot doma