GHOSTHEART NEBULA: Italian Doom Metal project with debut EP

“Reveries”, the first EP of Italian Doom Metal project GHOSTHEART NEBULA, has been released by the band itself in December 2018 and the process was carried out between Norway and Italy: recorded and mixed by Aron Corti at Streetrecstudio in Albese con Cassano (Como), mastered by Øystein G. Brun (BORKNAGAR) at Crosound Studio in Bergen (Norway).

Ghostheart Nebula - Riveries

Ghostheart Nebula – Riveries

The artwork has been created by Gogo Melone (AEONIAN SORROW, CLOUDS).

Ghostheart Nebula

Ghostheart Nebula

GHOSTHEART NEBULA is a Doom Metal project born at the end of 2017 from the meeting between Nick Magister (COUNTERSTROKE), Maurizio Caverzan (IN-SIGHT) and Bolthorn (OBSOLETE THEORY). Their music can be identified as Doom Metal rich of Post Rock hints, soundtrack to intimistic and dreaming moments.

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