PUTERAEON: new album and video

Swedish Death Metal band PUTERAEON will release their new album, named “The Dunwich Damnation”, on April 16, 2018 and revealed a video to the song “The Living Inferno”.

The abominable Cult frequently named PUTERAEON, was spawned in the year of the plague 2007. Since then this disease has given unholy birth to a number of ghastly demos, albums, splits etc.

The band hails from the deserted worn down town of Alingsås in the haunted outskirts of Gothenburg. Many are the tales of this god forsaken region and it’s halfbreed of inhabitants. In this darkness something festers at night and the battering of drums combined with chainsaw can be heard across the deserted plains. Stay too long and it will get to you. Engulfed in shadows, PUTERAEON stir the old cauldrons of death blending the darkness of Master H.P. Lovecraft into the deadly stew. Touch the darkness and taste its splendour.




Jonas Lindblood – Vocals/Guitar
Anders Malmström – Drums
Daniel Vandija – Bass
Rune Foss – Guitar/Backup vocals

Puteraeon - The Dunwich Damnation

Puteraeon – The Dunwich Damnation

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