EUFOBIA: new video to “Graveyard” song

Bulgarian Death’n’Roll band EUFOBIA revealed new video to the song “Graveyard”. Operator and director again is Val Volegna from 12Ko., worked on the last two video clips of the band as well. The track is part of the self-titled album “Eufobia”, released by Wizard music company, at the end of last year.

Currently, the band is working on material for new album, and in mid-November will perform two concerts in Cluj and Bucharest as a support to PRIMORDIAL.



DISTORTED REALITY: new single „Madness of Reality“ available to stream

Bulgarian Death Metal band DISTORTED REALITY released a record of the song  „Madness of Reality“.  This is the third track from the upcoming EP, named „Reality of Madness“.

On October 27 DISTORTED REALITY will play live in Tri Ushi club (Sofia) together with MASS CONFUSION and DARK SOUL ARCHITECTS.

Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality

Listen other two songs from „Reality of Madness“ EP:

METALITE: “Nightmare” lyrics video released

The Swedish Melodic Metal band METALITE just released a lyric video for “Nightmare”, the second single from their debut album “Heroes In Time”.

“Heroes In Time” will be released on October 27th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

“Heroes In Time” is an impressive debut album filled with melodic and memorable songs, crowned with the strong and emotional vocals by vocalist Emma Bensing as well as a powerful production by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE, EVERGREY). The album should be perfect for fans of bands like BEYOND THE BLACK, DYNAZTY and AMARANTHE.



The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (APOCALYPTICA, LEAH, KORPIKLAANI) and guest appearances on the album includes Fraser Edwards (ASCENSION) and Jakob Svensson (WIGELIUS).

Metalite - Heroes In Time

Metalite – Heroes In Time

“Heroes In Time” track listing:

01. Afterlife
02. Purpose of Life
03. Nightmare
04. The Hunter
05. Heroes in Time
06. Power of Metal
07. Over and Done
08. The Light of Orion
09. In The Middle of the Night
10. Black Horse Rider
11. The Great Force Within Us


BULGARRITORY is a project of Stoian Kaev и Tzvetelina Stoianova, previously they works together in FIN BULGARIA, in May 2017 they put the foundation of the new band. The first EP, named “Jelezo ot doma”, came two moths later. They have plans to start records for the first long-play album until the end of this year.



Bulgarritory - Jelezo ot doma

Bulgarritory – Jelezo ot doma

SKANDAL with tour on Balkans

The London based Doom’n’Roll band SKANDAL are  back to Balkans region with tour that consist of 18 dates in Greece and Bulgaria. The duo takes road again to promote their last EP  „Year of the Cicada”. They will perform songs from their forthcoming album as well.



The tor dates are:

Thursday​ ​12​ ​Τ.Β.Α.​ ​@
Friday​ 13​ ​ ​Volos​ ​@​ ​Argoriders​ ​MC ​ Clubhouse​
Saturday​ ​14​ Larissa​ ​ @​ ​ Stage​
Sunday​ ​15​ ​Trikala​ ​@​ ​Andromeda
Monday ​ 16​ ​ Xanthi​ ​ ​@​ ​Nostos ​ Live​
Tuesday​ ​17​ T.B.A.​ ​ @​
Wednesday​ ​18​ Plovdiv​ ​ @​ ​ Post​ ​ Culture​ ​ Stage​
Thursday​ ​19​ Burgas​ ​ ​@ ​ Bar​ ​ Bez​ ​ Ime​
Friday​ ​20​ ​Sofia​ @​ ​ ​Adams ​​Bar
Saturday ​ 21​ ​ Thessaloniki​ ​ @​ ​ Silver​ ​ Dollar​
Sunday ​ 22​ ​ ​Thessaloniki ​ ​@ ​ Silver​ ​ Dollar​
Monday​ 23​ ​ ΤΒΑ​ ​ @​
Tuesday​ ​24​ ​Corfu​ @​ ​ Graal​
Wednesday​ ​25​ ​Ioannina ​ @​ ​ Factory​ ​ of​ ​ Sound​
Thursday​ ​26​ ​Arta​ @​ ​ Cult​ ​ Bar​
Friday​ ​27​ ​Patra​ @​ ​ University​ ​ of​ ​ Patra​ ​ ​Student ​ ​Union
Saturday​ ​28​ ​Pyrgos​ @​ ​ ​Melrose​ ​Rock​ ​Bar
Sunday ​ 29​ ​ Athens​ ​ @​ ​ Blackbird​ ​ UMS​



J.D. OVERDRIVE – second single available to stream

“Protectors Of All That is Evil”, second single from J.D. OVERDRIVE’s new album is available to stream. The song is taken from the band’s fourth album “Wendigo”, which will be released on October, 20th in Europe and December, 8th in North America via Metal Mind Productions.

After 10 years on the scene, releasing three successful albums (“Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood” from 2011, “Fortune Favors the Brave” from 2013 and “The Kindest of Deaths” from 2015) and a split album „Rusted Into Oblivion” with PALM DESERT in 2016, sharing the stage with such prominent names as CLUTCH, DOWN, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, WHITESNAKE, BLOOD CEREMONY, SOULFLY, RED FANG, KARMA TO BURN, EUROPE, Phil Anselmo & THE ILLEGALS, SAXON or BLACK STAR RIDERS, Katowice-based J.D. OVERDRIVE return with “Wendigo”, probably their most diverse work to date. Ten songs loosely based around the Native American myth of Wendigo showcase a fresh new take on the genre of southern metal, backed by a truly powerful sound (the album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio, known from his work with THAW, BELZEBONG, DOPELORD, AZARATH and BEHEMOTH). Be warned – in October 2017 the beast will be unleashed.

J.D. Overdrive - Wendigo

J.D. Overdrive – Wendigo

“Wendigo” track listing:
1. The Creature is Alive
2. Protectors of All That is Evil
3. Hangman’s Cove
4. New Blood
5. Burn Those Bridges
6. Wasting Daylight
7. Hold That Thought
8. Witches & Spies
9. Every Day is a New Hole to Dig
10. Flesh You Call Your Own

Line up:
Michał “Stempel” Stemplowski – guitar
Wojciech “Suseł” Kałuża – vocal
Marcin “Stanley” Łyźniak – bass
Łukasz “Jooras” Jurewicz – drums

Invictus Productions sets November 24th as release date for COSCRADH’s new EP “Of Death and Delirium”

Invictus Productions sets November 24th as the international release date for COSCRADH’s highly anticipated new EP, entitled “Of Death and Delirium”.

Just last year, Invictus unfurled COSCRADH‘s self-titled debut demo, which subsequently went on to reap international acclaim. Here, COSCRADH presented a new revelation in the Irish Black/Death Metal underground, and yet another extremely promising newcomer fostered by Invictus. An auspicious start, with its ever-swarming sensation of hideousness and eldritch dread, but along comes “Of Death and Delirium”  to eclipse that.



Every element of “Of Death and Delirium” takes its predecessor to more extreme lengths. Playing, production, songwriting, atmosphere: verily, this is the severest Metal of Death given fuller flight and more far flung into the great abyss. Gnarled and gnawing, possessive of a molten muscularity that always threatens to explode into chaos, COSCRADH now finesse their towering creations with a keen attention to nuance; underneath, the primordial waters of time eternal swirl ever more dangerously and direly. Spewing forth three despair-ridden odes to suffering, violence, and madness, “Of Death and Delirium” confesses a cacophony of death metal majesty that soundtracks horrors seen and unseen – and within, Coscradh stand intrepid, in control but fatefully locked into a state of primal psychosis.

Titled truly, as both manifesto and momentum, “Of Death and Delirium” is COSCRADH‘s first grand strike upon the world stage. Feel its first wrath with the new track “Hangwoman”:

at Invictus’ Bandcamp, where the record can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Coscradh - Of Death and Delirium

Coscradh – Of Death and Delirium

1. Disappeared
2. Hangwoman
3. Saor sa hAnbháis

SATYRICON to Inferno Metal Festival 2018

The organizers speread the follow message:

We are proud to announce the mighty SATYRICON to Inferno Metal Festival 2018! Satyricon has been one of the leading bands within Norwegian Black Metal for more than two decades. With a brand new album out SATYRICON keeps their flames going strong and expect nothing but the best when the band enters the stage at Inferno Metal Festival 2018!


Satyricon; Photo: Marius Viken

Inferno Metal Festival 2018:



SATYRICON started in 1991 and released their classic albums “Dark Medieval Times” and “The Shadowthrone” both in 1994. Since then the band has been one of the most important Black Metal bands from Norway. The band was never afraid of walking their own path and broke new ground with “Nemesis Divina” and “Rebel Extravaganza”. Further on the band has always managed to stay at the top with amazing albums like “Volcano”, “Now, Diabolical”, “The Age of Nero” and “Satyricon”. With a brand new album out called “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”SATYRICON is back with one of their best releases. Expect nothing but the best when the band returns to Inferno Metal Festival in 2018!

Inferno Metal Festival 2018

Inferno Metal Festival is the longest running and most Extreme Metal festival in Norway and one of the most important extreme metal festivals in the world. We are very proud of this position and we will continue fronting Norwegian Metal and bringing bands from all over the world to Norway. 2018 will be our 18th edition of the festival that keeps on growing and for the first time the festival will be located all four days at Rockefeller Music Halls 2 stages – Rockefeller & John Dee. We are also adding one more band on Rockefeller stage each day, so there will be 8 more bands on the main stage in 2018.

Inferno Metal Festival 2018


Click on the links below to order tickets. The festival got a 18 year age limit. Tickets are non-refundable.

 Type  Price  Ticketmaster  PayPal
 2018: 4 Day Festival Pass – March 29th-April 1st  2250 NOK  buy  buy
 2018: Thursday Ticket – March 29th  750 NOK  buy  buy
 2018: Friday Ticket – March 30th  750 NOK  buy  buy
 2018: Saturday Ticket – March 31st  750 NOK  buy  buy
 2018: Sunday Ticket – April 1st  750 NOK  buy  buy

PS: Ticket fees are included. Postage is also included on foreign orders when using PayPal.

Inferno Metal Festival Hotel: Scandic St. Olavs Plass

For the second year we are happy to announce Scandic St. Olavs Plass as our official festival hotel. Scandic St. Olavs Plass is located in the city center with approximately 10 minutes walk from the festival venue Rockefeller. The airport express train, Flytoget, from Oslo Airport Gardermoen stops at Nationaltheatret station and is within walking distance to the hotel. Main street Karl Johan and The National Gallery (Nasjonalgalleriet) is just down the street, for shopping and exploring. The alternative culture house (and previous illegal squat) Blitz is just around the corner – with affordable vegan food and drinks. Basically all main sites are at your feet from this location! The Inferno Music Conference (IMC) will use the main conference facilities at the hotel, Edderkoppen Scene, and there will metal expo with exhibitions and stands in the spacious lobby area. Join the official vorspiels and nachspiels with DJs in the stylish art deco bar.

During the festival period from 25. march to 2. April Scandic St. Olavs Plass offers rooms at these rates: Early bird festival price available to 1. February 2018:

Single room: NOK 725,- per night including breakfast
Double room: NOK 999,- (NOK 499,- each person) per night including breakfast

Booking: Web:

Choose Scandic St. Olavs Plass and add your details. Use booking code: BINF250318

HATEVIRUS is releasing a new single “ArchiteKt of Hate” supported by an official lyric video

HATEVIRUS just released a brand new song today but that’s not all. You also get to see the cover art that will grace their debut record “Hateful Mind”, because the second Single “ArchiteKt of Hate” from the forthcoming release comes whit the support of a official lyric video presenting the full album artwork.

“Architekt Of Hate” is a second single release from the upcoming debut album “Hateful Mind” recorded at LowBass5 Studio, under the engeneering/mixing hands of Adrian Uritescu. The full album artwork and restyle band logo was created by freelance artist Doncutiu Claudiu. Official lyric video by Sleam Ionut.



Mihaiu Laurentiu – clean voice
Bicskei Bulldog iuliu – bass guitar and screaming voice
Berdea Lex Alexandru – guitars and drums editing

INNERSPHERE released a new single „Black Forest“

Melodic Death Metal band INNERSPHERE from Czech Republic released a new official single „Black Forest“. It is a first sample from the upcoming full-lenght concept album „Amnesia“, which is planned to be released in Spring 2018.

„Black Forest is the very first official videoclip of INNERSPHERE, so we tried to make it as good as possible. Recording, cut and postproduction was made by Václav „Zlo“ Svoboda, casting by Milan Janků (Mystery Art Productions). Story was led by the song lyrics, which also defined location of the clip – a rocks and a forest. Recording took place at Ostrá Hůrka near Pilsen (Czech Republic) – very interesting place which perfectly suits the mood of the song.“ – says Míra Litomerický.