BLACK FRONT: “We March” 10″ picture EP

It has been 2 years since Turkish Industrial Metal duo BLACK FRONT released their first full-lenght album, “TheForgotten” . During these 2 years the world contiued on its path to become an even more violent place where people are killed in large numbers at one time and the band’s own country went through numerous “terror attacks” and “coupattempts”, as well.

Luckily, BLACK FRONT went through only positive changes: With the addition of Yusuf Güney on bass they became a trio and started playing gigs & they also spent these two years recording both their second album (TBA on Corvus Records) and their second EP, “We March”.

Black Front - We March

Black Front – We March

Since the band has originally been formed as a moral outcome of 2013 riots, the two songs on Side-A of “We March” is the moral outcome of the lastyear’s “coupattempt”. With the conservative, religious government gaining more and more power, a lot of Turkish intellectuals, journalists and academics are forced to leave Turkey and move to the West. This reflects on the opening track, “Death March”. The band uses the term “Death March” (i.e. makinga group of people walk until they die,) as a metaphor for what is happening today within Turkish Republic and asks the inevitable question: Does the history always repeat itself?

The second track on the EP, “Black Heart & Red Sky” is Tanju Can’s ode to one of his favourite movies, Milcho Manchevski’s “Before The Rain” and perhaps to his Balkan roots, bringing the theme of forced departure full circle.

B-Side of the EP has 2 unique and thought-provoking remixes: My Trip’s take on “Death March” and Shrine’s take on “Ninety Degrees” from the band’s debut album. The sea redefinitely not boring, predictable “dance” remixes but fully formedartistic compositions using the original tracks as starting points.

2017 and onward swill see the band playing more concerts and releasing their second full-lenght record, “Hail The Fallen” on Corvus Records, which will include all exclusive songs.

BLACK FRONT personnel:
Tanju Can: Voice
Mert Yıldız: Guitar, Programming
Yusuf Güney: Bass

BLACK FRONT discography:
Self-Titled EP 2014 (Self-Released)
“Dedication” EP 2014 (Self-Released)
“The Forgotten” LP 2015 (Corvus Records)
“We March” EP 2017 (Corvus Records)
“Hail The Fallen” LP TBA (Corvus Records)

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