Invictus Productions sets November 24th as release date for COSCRADH’s new EP “Of Death and Delirium”

Invictus Productions sets November 24th as the international release date for COSCRADH’s highly anticipated new EP, entitled “Of Death and Delirium”.

Just last year, Invictus unfurled COSCRADH‘s self-titled debut demo, which subsequently went on to reap international acclaim. Here, COSCRADH presented a new revelation in the Irish Black/Death Metal underground, and yet another extremely promising newcomer fostered by Invictus. An auspicious start, with its ever-swarming sensation of hideousness and eldritch dread, but along comes “Of Death and Delirium”  to eclipse that.



Every element of “Of Death and Delirium” takes its predecessor to more extreme lengths. Playing, production, songwriting, atmosphere: verily, this is the severest Metal of Death given fuller flight and more far flung into the great abyss. Gnarled and gnawing, possessive of a molten muscularity that always threatens to explode into chaos, COSCRADH now finesse their towering creations with a keen attention to nuance; underneath, the primordial waters of time eternal swirl ever more dangerously and direly. Spewing forth three despair-ridden odes to suffering, violence, and madness, “Of Death and Delirium” confesses a cacophony of death metal majesty that soundtracks horrors seen and unseen – and within, Coscradh stand intrepid, in control but fatefully locked into a state of primal psychosis.

Titled truly, as both manifesto and momentum, “Of Death and Delirium” is COSCRADH‘s first grand strike upon the world stage. Feel its first wrath with the new track “Hangwoman”:

at Invictus’ Bandcamp, where the record can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Coscradh - Of Death and Delirium

Coscradh – Of Death and Delirium

1. Disappeared
2. Hangwoman
3. Saor sa hAnbháis

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